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Welcome to MJ Wax Melts

Welcome to MJ Wax Melts

Welcome to MJ Wax MeltsWelcome to MJ Wax Melts

About Us


Where it all started

So, where did it start?....Simple really. Two childhood Nottingham based friends, who over the years had spent a small fortune on candles and melts, decided in January 2018 to try our hands at making them. After a lot of practice, experimenting and testing on friends and family, we realised that we were actually pretty good at it and decided to try and make it into a business :) So with a lot of hard work and a lot of learning along the way, in May 2018 MJ Wax Melts was born!!!


What we do


Wax Melts:

We welcome you to our world of MJ Wax Melts, where creating a beautiful aroma within your home is our pledge. We are extremely passionate about our products and only use 100% soya wax along with sourcing the highest quality fragrance oils. All of our products are natural and non toxic, creating a cleaner and longer burning time. However, due to using soya wax, one of its unique traits is that depending on the temperature, it can experience a 'frosting' effect. The technical term for it is Polymorphism. We can assure you that this does not affect the melt in any way apart from the appearance. Also due to all of our melts being handmade, occasionally they can vary slightly in colour.


Reed diffusers are a stylish and simple way to create the long lasting fresh scent that will fill your home all day long.

There are many factors that will contribute to how well your diffuser will work, along with how long the oil will last. This includes; heating, air conditioning, large/small rooms, dehumidifiers, open/closed doors, etc. Our 150ml diffuser bottles will last approx. 3 months depending where the diffuser is situated. When reeds are first inserted, it may take up to 12hrs for them to fully absorb the oils and give optimum scent throw.

All of our product come with safety advise and are compliant with CLP regulations. We also have full product and public liability insurance. 


Care & Safety

At MJ Wax Melts we are very proud of our products and their quality. We want our customers to get the very best use out of them so please ensure you  follow these simple steps, failure to do so may result in fire hazard or injury;

Wax Melts:

~ Remove all outer packaging

~ALWAYS ensure your burner/warmer is on a stable and heat resistant surface.

~Only use the required amount to fit your burner, ie, Do not overfill as this will cause spillage.

~Never move your burner/warmer once in use as this can cause burns and spillages which can lead to fires

~ALWAYS ensure your burner/warmer is not damaged in any way before use such as cracks and chip as this can cause fire. If damage is found, DO NOT USE

~If using a burner, only use ONE single unscented tea-light at any one time. 

~DO NOT add water to your burner/warmer

~Keep out of the reach of children and pets

~Keep out of draughts 

~NEVER leave a burning candle unattended


~Remove all outer packaging.

~Always ensure your diffuser is on a stable and protected surface.

~DO NOT add water to your diffuser.

~Keep out of the reach of children and pets

~Avoid contact with skin. If contact occurs, wash immediately.

~Keep out of direct sunlight as this may cause the reeds to dry out.

~Place diffuser in a position where the reeds cannot come into contact with materials.

~Wipe up any spillages immediately.

*Note: All MJ Wax Melt products are used at your own risk. We do not accept responsibility for any damage caused as a result of the misuse of our product


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